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1. Communications Supply Corporation

 Founded in 1972, Communications Supply Corporation is a leading distributor of low voltage network infrastructure and industrial wire and cable products.
Through a network of 32 branch offices, CSC distributes a full range of products to support advanced connectivity for voice and data communications, access control, security surveillance, building automation, video distribution, life safety broadcast systems and electrical construction and manufacturing for commercial, residential and government customers.
CSC is recognized for delivering measurable value and outstanding support to its customers and suppliers alike. Vast application expertise makes CSC an unbiased knowledge resource for product information, documentation and training.

CSC distributes a full range of products to support:

Access Control,
- Advanced Connectivity for Voice and Data Communications,
- Security Surveillance,
- Building Automation,
- Video Distribution,
Life Safety Broadcast Systems & Electrical Construction
- Manufacturing for Commercial, Residential and Government 

Product Management:

CSC's significant growth over the past couple of years in terms of revenues, sales locations, and suppliers, signaled the need to develop a more cohesive business unit that focuses on product management. Product Management Team objectives are to increase sales, reduce costs, foster relationships, and create organizational efficiencies in an entrepreneurial and decentralized business environment.
Seventy-percent of CSC's business is derived from products that are manufactured by approximately twenty-five key suppliers; the other thirty-percent of the business come from hundreds more. Product management's objective is grow the key suppliers business faster than that of the market's while implementing a supplier rationalization program that identifies other suppliers that can contribute significantly to CSC's growth strategies. Product and service strategies include:
- Increase sales by strategic supplier and inventory management and planning
- Maximize profitability through effective management of costs, supplier terms, and inventories
- Reducing costs by negotiating favorable supplier contracts and operational efficiencies
- Fostering relationships by a centralized means for communication, problem resolution, and planning
- Creating organizational and information systems efficiencies

2. Transtrite Technologies

Transtrite Telematics is a company engaged in developing and marketing products and solutions around cutting edge vehicle telematics including Remote Vehicle Tracking, Remote Asset Management, Mobile Resource Planning and Product Tracking and Tagging.
Transtrite is the brainchild of three young and highly successful technocrats, driven by the common passion for leveraging advanced technology to enhance usability in the field of telematics across various industries. It is a purely customer driven and technology powered company.

Transtrite means Beyond the Ordinary: 

Paradigms are nothing but individual inhibitions. Innovative thinking is the path to be successful and make others successful. Adapting a pragmatic approach to technology, Transtrite aims to bring about a paradigm shift in the way businesses look up at technology. Its niche areas are computational engineering, information technology and solutions integration.
Based out of Mumbai-India, Transtrite Telematics acknowledges and embraces the cerebral capital of global citizens. While its reach is boundless, the nerve centres are in the US, the UK and in the Middle-East.

A combination of intellectual abilities and a highly stimulating work environment symbolizes the strength of Transtrite

Engineers with Computer Science, Telecommunications and Automobile degrees complement Marketing Management wizards who work in tandem with global partners in providing business solutions worldwide. It is this cross-functional expertise drawn from international talent that gives Transtrite a matrix structure.
Transtrite encourages an environment that stimulates learning and innovation, individual growth and open communication.


ECSI is a hi-tech security solutions provider with over 30 years of proven expertise in securing national and international high-threat facilities. Since 1976, ECSI has been active in researching and evaluating the latest developments in security technologies through government and university programs, manufacturing stand-alone and fully integrated state-of-the-art perimeter intrusion detection systems for government and private facilities around the globe. Whether for land, air or water application, ECSI builds secure communications infrastructures for central or distributed command and control centers.

Products and solution include:

- Sensing Systems - ECSI manufactures state-of-the-art technologies that deliver the best security solution to any given site or facility. We custom configure our solutions using the most applicable suite of technologies to meet a particular site's security needs

- Rapid Deployable / TASS
ECSI Rapid Deployable Intrusion Detection System (RDIDS, and the USAF Tactical Automated Sensor System version of the technology are specifically configured for securing transient, none permanent perimeters and work areas. RDIDS and TASS pulsed infrared sensor and tripod assemblies are available in flexible configurations depending on height requirements based on perceived or real threats.

- Surveillance & Assessments
include Integrated Intelligent Video Motion Detection systems, 360 degree omni-directional cameras, and thermal detection units utilized by central control room operators for detection and response to preassessed alarm conditions.

- Gunfire Detection Vectored Infrared Personal Engagement & Return fire (VIPER)
ECSI's customized system architecture includes an ordinance blast detection system which processes mid-wave infrared camera information to detect and locate the discharge of firearms. After gunfire is detected and located, our sensors transition imagers or remote operated weapons to provide target confirmation, designation and provide counter-fire response.

The VIPER is a muzzle flash detection system that processes midwave infrared camera information in order to detect and locate the discharge of firearms. The VIPER sensor architecture provides detection, location and response to gunfire. After detecting and locating the gunfire, the sensor transitions imagers or remote operated weapons to provide target confirmation, designation and counter fire response.

- Biometrics (Facial Recognition)
ECSI's Biometrics Application is a unique system employing advance Principal Component Eigenface Analysis to determine facial characteristics. Up to 128 Eigen vectors are created for each person in order to achieve unmistakable identification. Our Facial Recognition System (FRS) is combined with other suitable biometric technologies to reduce nuisance and false alarm rates. In a controlled environment with proper lighting and choke points, the system can be combined with access control systems to limit access through particular checkpoints.

- Water & NBCR (Sentinal)
Clarion Sensing Systems, a division of ECSI International, manufactures the Sentinal Remote Data Processing Unit (RDPU) for data acquisition, on-site analysis, communications, and information management. The Sentinal is integrated with sensors, analyzers, and communications to create Water Quality Remote Monitoring Systems. These systems provide detection of chemical, biological, and radiological (CBR) contamination in drinking water and report detected problems instantly. The Sentinal systems can be configured to monitor water quality across a broad spectrum of sources and uses, and the systems have the greatest flexibility and information management capability available. Sentinal Systems increase efficiency by saving man-hours, laboratory costs, and potentially, power and chemical costs through data feedback and process optimization by giving real time, continuous access to water quality information. The Sentinal integrates standard sensors to afford a wide range of applications. This flexibility allows one system to monitor remotely water, air, and wastewater in one efficient system. This integrated hardware/software system is easily integrated with existing SCADA systems. 

- Command, Control & Communications (C4I)
ECSI's Intrusion Detection and Monitoring Systems (IDMS) employs PC based monitoring and control systems for assessment of perimeter intrusion detection systems. Our IDMS utilizes only commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software, configured to provide a user-friendly graphic user interface (GUI) and human machine interface (HMI) for monitoring and recording alarms from a wide range of sensors. The ECSI IDMS can be run either stand alone, by PC workstation, by a client/server system or through a dual redundant client/server system depending on customer requirements.


4. Progressive Technology Solutions, Inc.

Progressive Technology Solutions, Inc. (PTSI) believes in results oriented consulting. They bring a full featured set of consulting practices to help you make your business better.
As an Arizona,USA based, privately held corporation, they are fully focused on their clients throughout the entire world.
Progressive Technology Solutions purpose is to provide their clients with superior technology consulting solutions designed to meet definitive business objectives. In tightly partnering with their clients, they first seek to understand the business imperatives that drive success for each individual customer. Their highly skilled Account Managers, Consultants, Developers and Customer Advocacy support teams then work diligently to identify solutions that will enrich and enable their clients both now and in the future.


- IT Architecture, Governance and Security:  

Consultants understand that technology solves business problems, problems that can make or break the bottom line. PTSI leverages their consultant's long successful history in the IT industry to help their clients develop a strategic plan for their IT Architecture and Governance efforts. This empowers their clients to implement the correct solution and allows them to focus on there customers.
Secure, Reliable, Manageable, Scalable and Efficient; these five criterions are at the front of our consultant's minds when they step through your front door. Their consultants are disciplined in many areas of Information Technology. Whether it is security, routing and switching, wireless, voice and architectural design, Linux, UNIX or Windows their team will have the skill set which will match your needs.
Their consultants have designed, implemented and advised for some of the largest and most complex companies in the world. Financial, retail, defense, Internet Service Providers, health care, Ecommerce and construction are all industries which have directly benefited because of our consultants. Whether it is designing a multi-site network which supports a million people or a remote office that supports one, their consultants will successfully provide and implement the best solution that solves your business problem.     

- Custom Application Development: 
Your application life-cycle, in their consultan's minds, starts with security. Developing custom application in a secure manner is the first key to a successful solution.
By leveraging Microsoft technologies, PTSI provides the latest, best-of-breed solutions to their clients. Their strong partnership with Microsoft enables them to provide their clients with a competitive edge, while their knowledge of BizTalk, SharePoint, Custom .Net Application Development allows their architects and developers to bring their clients secure solutions that truly make their business better. Additionally, their developers can provide an open source approach to your business needs. Whether it is for an eCommerce site or a custom billing platform their consultants can utilize the open source community to create a secure application that solves your business needs.  

- Business Management Optimization and Analytics: 
PTSI will assist you in optimizing your operations and ensure that you can measure your success. This is where the rubber meets the road. Their Business Management Optimization and Analytics Practice assist their clients in Strategy Planning, Developing Business Plans, Connecting Disparate Applications together to increase performance, and then we provide the methodology to measure how you have succeeded.

- Collaboration Solutions:
PSTI can provide a solution for your collaboration need. By enabling groups of people to more efficiently work together, PTSI can make your business more productive which will save your time and money. By leveraging Microsoft's SharePoint, Exchange and Project architectures PTSI helps you solve your collaboration, workflow and document management issues.